Live by the sword, die by the sword."
Do this until swords are outlawed. -- Then die by the sword anyway. - Egg

There are those who call for an outright ban on all firearms.

Many still believe that the solution to the violent crime problem in this country is getting all guns out of private hands.

Law abiding citizens with defensive firearms, however, are not a problem, they're a solution.

A Simple Question for those who would ban firearms.

After you have disarmed all of the law abiding citizens, how do you plan to even the playing field by disarming the criminals?

This is a Gun Free Home   or Security by Smith and Wesson
Which Do You Think Best Deter an Armed Home Invasion?
If Guns Are Banned, the One On the Left Will Be On Every Law Abiding Citizen's Front Door
(And Where do you Think the Bad Guys Will Go First?)


Scenario 1:

The worst fear in the hearts of LEGAL gun owners is realized. A landmark Federal Law is passed. All guns of any kind in private hands are banned.

Legal gun owners are required to turn in their guns or face jail. Being law-abiding citizens, they do so.

As a further step, the records seized from the now out-of-business gun dealers are used to locate and confiscate all previously legal firearms in private hands. Citizens who do not cooperate are jailed.

Neighbors turn in neighbors who are suspected of posessing illegal guns. Children, at the urging of the schools, turn in their parents.

Police departments, already stretched thin, must dedicate additional resources to the enforcement of these new laws.

Criminals, drug-dealers, gang members and other previously illegal gun owners, of course, do not comply with the law, their guns were always illegal.

IOW - The Criminals Still Have Guns

NO GUNS ALLOWEDAs with drug and alcohol prohibition, a huge black market for illegal firearms spawns a new, more sophisticated network of organized crime.

The illegal gun market explodes. Gun smuggling and black-market gun sales are now big business.

Basement machine shops are set up to make black-market guns. The majority are poorly manufactured and many are unsafe in any hands. Substandard ammunition is also manufactured in basements and garages to feed the black-market needs. Accidental gun deaths rise.

The BATF has the same success in its 'War on Guns' as the DEA has with the drug war -- none.

Illegally armed rapists, burglars, muggers, carjackers and other criminals now know they can prey on the unarmed public, with little fear of a meeting a defense or apprehension by the already overtaxed police.

"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!"

The crime rates go through the roof.

Helpless citizens now hover in fear in their barricaded homes and seldom venture outside.

The military is called up to assist and we now have armed troops on many street-corners.

A small percentage of renegade military and police personnel participate in the crime and corruption.

People die.

The hypothetical news: "Today, a 52 year-old Brooklyn man, father of three, used an illegal war-surplus gun to kill three armed prison escapees as they crashed through his daughter's bedroom door. Under the new 'zero tolerance' laws he has been jailed for having an illegal gun. When convicted he faces ten years in prison.

Scenario 2:

Any law-abiding adult citizen can legally obtain and carry firearms for sport and/or personal protection, in accordance with The Constitution.

If a person with a felony or criminal background, or who is otherwise interdicted from the possession of a firearm attempts to purchase, or is found in possession of an illegal gun, they go to jail.

Burglars, muggers, robbers and carjackers now know that the person they are approaching may not only have a legal gun, but will be trained in its use.

Violent crime and murder rates drop
(They have already been doing so as the rate of legal firearm ownership increases)

Citizens remain as secure as possible in their persons and property against illegally armed criminals.

Simple Statistics - Fact - Not Emotion

Gun laws only affect those inclined to obey them. Criminals will always continue to break the law and prey on the law-abiding but disarmed citizens.

As the legal guns per-capita in the US has risen, the violent crime rate has dropped.

As soon as Great Britain banned all hand guns the rate of violent crime began to increase. The same is true for Australia.

All states that have passed concealed carry "must issue" laws have seen greater than the national average drop in gun-related crime, and crime in general. The media inspired fear of 'Highway shootouts' and every city becoming a 'Dodge City' just didn't happen.

Guns are not a major contributor to accidental deaths. Automobiles, swimming pools, physicians and electricity, however, are.


And that's not just my opinion, that's the facts Jack!

Steve Eggleston


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